About SpiceSuite

Our Vision

To provide the best enterprise class products to SME business which is otherwise available only to fortune companies.

We are a startup company that provide wide range of Cloud Based Enterprise software and VoIP products. We are branched at Cochin and Singapore. We have customers spreaded across Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka

Our SAAS Products

  • FreightBuddy
  • TradeBuddy
  • ContactBuddy
  • BillingBuddy

Our unique product design makes our products flexible. Our software solutions are backed up by a strong team of professionals. At SpiceSuite, we like to simplify the way things are done. We believe in having choices and we want to make it available to everyone.

All our Enterprise software products have zero capital cost, zero maintenance cost and can be accessed from anywhere. There are are no software to install, so the implementation of our product takes very minimal time. With all these advantages we are still able to provide the best solution what makes us unique.

BizVoIP - Our Voice As a Service (VAAS) Offering

Don't be stuck with bulky and expensive phone systems that are difficult to set up. Get a cloud based telecommunication solution for your business in just 10 minutes. BizVoIP’s Hosted PBX is a communications package designed for small businesses, delivering the features of a high end traditional PBX at a fraction of the price. You don’t need any PBX hardware onsite, as it’s hosted by BizVoIP for you in a secure data centre.

A BizVoIP Hosted PBX offers a simple and affordable enterprise-standard phone system for your business. No matter how geographically dispersed your organisation is, your customers can connect to you for the price of a local call. With BizVoIP, you can also keep the same phone numbers even when moving offices.